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  • Komatsu PC8000 6 has an operating weight of up to 710t, making it the fifth largest hydraulic mining excavator. It is available with both shovel and backhoe attachments. The ultra class mining excavator has a track length of 7.955m on the ground, an overall track width of 9m and a bucket size of 38m179;. The arm crowd force and the bucket crowd force are 1,765kN and 1,961kN respectively.

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  • Largest Mining Shovel Seaway

    largest mining shovel seaway menuiseriefreson. Big Brutus Mine Shovel ASME. Big Brutus Mine Shovel . 1962 One of the world''s largest power shovels. When built in 1962, this shovel was the second largest in the world. It was used for the removal of overburden in the surface mining of thin coal seams. get price . Top 5 Biggest Massive Mining Machines Some . Biggest rope shovel P;H

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  • The largest excavator in the world Taiyuan heavy ...

    The largest excavator in the world Taiyuan heavy industry WK 75 mining shovel Jun 19, 2018. In January 26, 2008, a technician walked past the WK 55 excavator. This is the latest development of Taiyuan heavy industry large open pit mining equipment, weighing 1458 tons, height more than seven stories, a single machine can excavate 12 million cubic meters of coal each year. Workers standing in ...

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  • Big Brutus

    Big Brutus is the nickname of the Bucyrus Erie model 1850 B electric shovel, which was the second largest of its type in operation in the 1960s and 1970s.Big Brutus is the centerpiece of a mining museum in West Mineral, Kansas where it was used in coal strip mining operations. The shovel was designed to dig from 20 to 69 feet down to unearth relatively shallow coal seams, which ...

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  • The Captain was the Largest Single Mining Shovel Ever Made.

    It was the largest bucket ever built for a mining shovel. The bucket was 18 1/2 feet wide, 16 feet high and 24 1/2 feet deep and could hold 270 tons of dirt at a time. The Captain worked from 1965 until 1991 when a hydraulic line blew apart squirting hot hydraulic fluid onto an electric panel which caught on fire which destroyed the mining shovel, it was then sold for scrap metal. Standing 22 ...

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  • The Silver Spade was a giant power shovel used for strip mining in southeastern Ohio. Manufactured by Bucyrus Erie, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the model 195...

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