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  • For a regional scale analysis, slope stability analysis menthds will be not suitable 143, 168. With the development of Geographic Information Systems tools in recent years, regional scale analyses by the dynamic sliding block method have been proposed, in which ground shaking characteristic parameters, geotechnical material and topographic data are considered (e.g. 34 , 71 ,

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  • A Modified Newmark Method for Calculating Permanent ...

    journals/ace/2019/9782515AbstractIntroductionTheory and MethodResults and AnalysisDiscussionConclusionsAcknowledgmentsNewmark permanent displacement is an important index for evaluating seismic slope stability, which has been widely used in recent years. The traditional Newmark sliding method assumes that the critical acceleration is constant but does not consider the inhomogeneity and dynamic reduction process of shear strength on the sliding surface, presumably leading to underestimation of the permanent displacement. In this paper, this problem is analyzed, and a new method for calculating permanent displacement of seisLive Chat
  • Joseph Wartman's research works University of

    Joseph Wartman's 79 research works with 1,088 citations and 12,482 reads, including: Volume Characteristics of Landslides Triggered by the M W 7.8 2016

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    topographic amplification of earthquake shaking on slope stability, particularly in the case of large, deep seated landslides. The massive debris avalanche from the south flank of Mt. Ontake triggered by the 1984 Naganoken Seibu earthquake was investigated as a possible case study of topographic amplification leading to slope failure. This study required synthesis of research on several ...

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  • Shaking Table Experiment of a Model Slope Subjected to a ...

    and applicability of the Newmark procedure for computing seismically induced deformation in slopes. A cohesive model slope was shaken by two identical test motions in succession, mimicking a situation that commonly occurs when a preexisting landslide is subjected to strong earthquake shaking. Back analyses of the tests showed that the Newmark formulation provided moderately ...

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  • CEDB Database

    Newmark Analysis of a Shaking Table Slope Stability Experiment. Seismic Discontinuous Deformation Analysis . Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach. Seismic Safety of Embankment Dams: Developments in Research and Practice 1988 1998. Seismic Deformation Analysis of the Upper San Fernando Dam Under the 1971 San

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  • Comparison of the time history stability analysis, the Newmark displacement analysis, and the pseudo static method recommended by the two codes indicates that the types of slope stability status evaluated by SP117 are in good agreement with the seismic time history stability analysis and Newmark displacement analysis. The factors of safety determined by SP117 can be used in practice

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  • In contrast, Newmarks pioneering work on calculating permanent displacement has achieved great success in seismic slope stability analysis, as recently reviewed by . Illustrated by a rigid block sliding along an inclined surface, it is assumed that permanent displacement is the relative displacement of the sliding mass to the surface and only occurs downslope when the downslope motion is ...

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  • The limit analysis method of Chen and Snitbhan and pseudo static analysis by Seed used the same concept of pseudo static analysis of slope stability. Newmark proposed a sliding block model to simulate slope behavior under seismic forces, in which a rigid perfect plastic sliding block was assumed, and the block moved when acceleration exceeded the critical acceleration of ...

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    Newmark Analyses of a Shaking Table Slope Stability Experiment 778 Joseph Wartman, Michael F. Riemer, Jonathan D. Bray, and Raymond B. Seed Seismic Discontinuous Deformation Analysis 790 Jeen Shang Lin and Mary Ellen Hynes Estimating Seismic Displacements of Marginally Stable Landslides Using Newmark Approach 800 D. Andrew Vessely and Derek H. Cornforth VOLUME 2

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